New! Japan Entry procedures for new provately-funded international students
Great news for incoming international students of Japan:
Japan is now relaxing its entry restrictions to allow new privately-funded students to come to Japan (finally!!) and begin their studies!

Here is the flow of procedures (information as of 8 Nov 2021, Immigration Services Agency of Japan):

①Get the 審査済書 (shinsazumisho), a document which will certify that you are eligible to enter Japan, from your school
・Contact your school to enquire about the 審査済書 procedures
・Your school may require you to submit additional documents required to apply for the 審査済書

②Apply for your Visa at the Japan Embassy of your country
Your applications will be processed depending on when you received your Certificate of Eligibility
*Those who reapplied may enjoy priority based on their first COE issued
**You will need to state the COE number of the first COE that you received
・Recipients of COE from Jan-Mar 2020: Visa application begins this month (Nov) onwards
・Recipients of COE from Apr-Sep 2020: Visa application begins next month (Dec)
・Recipients of COE from Oct 2020-Mar 2021: Visa application begins in Jan 2021

③Book your flight ASAP
・Availability might be running out as there will be a surge in bookings
・Ticket prices might also rise due to increase in demand

*You may only enter Japan via Narita, Haneda, Kansai International (KIX) and Shin-Chitose International Airports
*Quarantine period upon entering Japan: 14 days
 →for those vaccinated with Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca: 10 days (you will need to produce a vaccine certificate)
**You must stay in your quarantine facility throughout your quarantine period. Please check with your school regarding your meal arrangements and etc during your quarantine.

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