WA.SA.BI とは?


「WA」:和、ワクワク、笑い.... 「SA」:サポート、探す、最高.... 「Bi」:美、ビジネス、遊び....

また、交流掲示板“CHAT BAR”に悩みや質問を書き込めば、


WA.SA.Bi. is an information sharing website
『of the Ryugakusei, by the Ryugakusei, for the Ryugakusei』

We provide useful information for living in Japan,
support and services for all foreigners who are interested in ‘Japan’.
   Overcoming cultural differences, nationalities and race.
We also provide a better; happier life here in Japan for all of you.

In WA.SA.Bi. you will find the useful information for your daily life in Japan, including but not limited to;
how to buy a mobile phone, how to apply for a part time job, how to separate the garbage etc ...
also, you will find the information about VISAs, education,
job hunting and related support programs.

PLUS! The special function called “CHAT BAR” .
In CHAT BAR, you will be able to ‘ask’ for advice or solutions to any problems that arise,
‘share’ your experieces in Japan or just ‘chat’ generally about personal interests and daily topics.

So, come join us at 《WA.SA.Bi.》!


大阪市中央区南船場1丁目4番11号 モリビル4階
(Mori Bldg 4F, 1-4-11, Minamisemba Chuou-ku, Osaka)
代表取締役:森 隼人
(Managing Director:Hayato Mori)